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Rotary shaft seals keep lubricant from leaving the rotating crankshaft or other components with rotating or oscillating parts. They also prevent dirt and debris from becoming mixed with the lubricant and rotating parts.


Common shaft sizes for oil seals range from 0.110 inches to 79.530 inches for electric motors, drives and gearboxes, and from 0.180 inches to 8.270 inches for automotive and agricultural applications. Shaft sizes of more than 78 inches are typical for paper or metal mil...


Chicago Rawhide shaft seals are sold by Grainger for between $5 and $30 per seal, depending on size and availability, with most seals available for less than $10, as of 2015. Chicago Rawhide is a seal manufacturer owned by the Smith, Kline & French group.


Business metrics are the standards of measurement by which the various aspects of a business are evaluated. Each area of a business, including marketing, sales and administration, has its own set of metrics. Key metrics include sales revenue, cost of customer acquisitio...


The hair shaft is the part of the hair that sticks out of the skin. The hair shaft is connected to the follicle.


An automotive drive shaft is responsible for transferring the engine's rotational power, or torque, through the transmission across some distance to one of the car's axles, either from the front of the car to the rear or vice versa. Drive shafts are also responsible for...


A drive shaft is a component of a car engine that allows for the transfer of torque from the energy-producing drive train to the other parts of the vehicle. It is most often used on rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles to connect the engine to the rear axle.