A metric conversion chart table is a table that gives the necessary information to convert between different units in the metric system. For example, a table for volume measurements may show the conversion process betwee... More »

Use a conversion table to determine the amount you have to multiply or divide the unit by when converting between units of measurement. Divide when moving up to a greater unit and multiply when moving down to a lesser on... More »

Tables showing metric units and their equivalents can be found on dictionary websites such as Merriam Webster, science- and math-oriented websites, and cooking websites. Math and science textbooks frequently have charts ... More »

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A metric system conversion chart is used to convert between different units in the metric system. It may also provide conversion information to switch from units in the metric system to units in the imperial system of me... More »

A metric chart is a graphical representation listing metric units, and it shows how to convert them into equivalent units within the metric system or within other standard measurement systems. For example, many metric ch... More »

A conversion chart for the metric system can be found at The website also offers a metric conversion calculator for many common units such as area, speed, distance, volume and weight. More »

To convert a Rockwell hardness number, find the value under the correct Rockwell column on a hardness conversion chart and move horizontally across the table until you reach the column with the desired units. Although th... More »