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Converting Metric/English Recipes by BeerSmith on 27 Sep, 2003 15:54 ... but you want to use it in English, or a English recipe but you use Metric units?


portation engineering, and their conversion factors. Some metric units and factors that are not listed in the SI but are commonly used and remain ...


Conversions charts available for your convenience! Check out our metric to English conversions as well as a hardness conversion table.


Oct 18, 2009 ... metric conversions metric conversion table metric conversion chart metric to english conversion metric conversion calculator


Do a quick conversion: 1 metres = 0.87489063867017 ell [English] using the online calculator for metric conversions. Check the chart for more details.


This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. You may convert between Metric and English values.


Get the free Metric To English Conversion ... 5080 /in Newtons/5 cm N/5 cm 0. 1142 lb/in Mullen Burst Kilopascals KPa lb/ in2 psi Permeability 1/min/ dm2 20 mm ...


Metric conversion for length, area, volume, weight, angle and SI units converter tool. List of conversion tables and unit converter calculators.


Metric, English, Decimal. 1mm, 0.03937. 3/64 .0469. 1/16, 0.0625. 5/64 .0781. 2mm, 0.07874. 3/32, 0.0937. 7/64, 0.1094. 3mm, 0.11811.


Metric conversion and currency converter. Convert length, volume, area, mass/weight, speed, 80+ foreign currencies, more.


Convert imperial length measures - inches, feet, yards, and miles - to metric and vice versa using Farnell's calculators.