Some typical methods of paragraph development include narration, exposition and description. Although each style is distinct, these modes are commonly combined together in most forms of writing. More »

Each paragraph must relate to the main thesis in a clear way. Open each paragraph with a statement that defines your argument, and use the rest of the paragraph to expand on that facet of the main argument. More »

Developing a paragraph through the rhetorical use of elimination is a variation on the pattern of paragraph development by definition. Rather than defining what the subject is, a paragraph developed by elimination tells ... More »

The structure of a story depends on what kind of story it is as well as the audience and purpose, but all narratives fall into a broad three-part structure that includes exposition, rising action and resolution. The expo... More »

To write a topic sentence for a paragraph, choose the main idea of the information in the paragraph and summarize the information into a sentence. The topic sentence should be general or broad enough to encompass the ove... More » Education Writing

To develop a paragraph by giving details, create a main idea for the paragraph and then add detailed examples in order to enhance the paragraph. All paragraphs should have a main idea that is stated in the topic sentence... More »

When writing a paragraph on respect, include a definition of respect, examples of respectful behavior and reflect on how respect enhances the lives of others. The paragraph may also include information about how to show ... More »