Metallic salts are metallic compounds contained in most store-bought hair dyes. Metallic salts change the hair color when they chemically react with sulfur contained in hair protein. Metallic salts have been used in hair... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Metallic salts are used in fireworks to produce different colors of light. When metallic salts are heated up, they absorb energy and their electrons reach higher, excited energy levels. When the electrons return back to ... More » Science Chemistry

Salt can be clear, transparent, opaque or metallic. It can be sweet, savory, bitter, salty or sour in taste. Pure salt is completely free of odor. More » Food Food Facts
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The best way to make hair grow faster is to eat a diet rich in proteins, iron and zinc, stop using harmful hair dyes and products and to massage the scalp periodically. While hair often grows too slowly to see a visible ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Tips for repairing damaged hair include shampooing less frequently and using dyes and other coloring products sparingly. Dyes typically contain peroxide breaks down the waxy protective layer causing damage to hair follic... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Rainwater is good for washing your hair because it is a soft water that is neutral in pH, free from disinfection by-products, salts, minerals and other unnatural materials. Tap water, which is harder in comparison, does ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To remove rust from hair, use a hair color remover, then apply hair dye to get new color. Choose matching hair dye before removing color to get the best match. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair