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A roof overhang is called an eave. An eave is the edge of a roof that projects beyond the face of a wall, providing protection from the elements.


Gable roof design ideas are found in photos at Houzz and Shutterstock. One type of gable roof is found on a wat, or Buddhist temple, in Thailand. They are often richly embellished and are arranged in tiers.


To install a gable roof, first hammer in the top plates to the outside walls, and then install the ceiling joist onto the top plate. For the ceiling lumber, cut and measure the material from 2-by-4s. Form the peak of the roof by using the ridge board, which should use 2-by-6 lumber.


Some features included on a gabled roof include two sloping sides that create a ridge, giving the side wall a triangular gable at its peak. Some gable roofs cover dormers, small room extensions that jut out at a 90 degree angle from the roof line. Usually dormers have windows that give the home arch


According to Do It Yourself, a reverse gable roof frame is a specialized gable roof that runs perpendicular to the main roof line on a building. These roof styles are very popular, and they can often be seen on houses with bedroom windows that point out of a roof.


A gable end is an untiled side of a gabled roof. Gabled roofs are a triangular type of dual-pitched roof with roofing tiles on two sides. The tiled sides often protrude past the body of the building, and the gable end is installed beneath the protrusion.


Two types of metal roofs include sheet metal panels and sheet metal tiles. Standing-seam systems are a type of metal roof used for low-slope buildings.


The benefits of a front door overhang are protecting doors and windows, protecting building foundation, providing shade and keeping rain away from siding. A porch overhang keeps door knobs from freezing in the winter, and an all-around overhang protects an entire building structure.


To find the price a metal roof, first determine the area of the roof, desired style and material. Then consult an online calculator for a general price. For a more exact estimate, speak with a local roofing professional.


According to BestBuyMetals.com, doing most of the work on the ground is highly recommended; thus, one can begin by drilling screw holes on the panels making sure that they are measured for pre-drilling accurately. Then, go on to drive the screws into the ridge caps and proceed install the panels. It