Central Machinery, Marvel and General International are all brands that manufacture metal-cutting band saws. Metal-cutting band saws typically offer a range of blade speeds, allowing users to adjust cutting speeds depend... More »

Used band saws are for sale on, and Between them, these websites have hundreds of used band saws available, and a majority of them are in good working condition. More »

Retailers that sell the Grizzly band saw are the Grizzly company itself, and Sears. Grizzly offers both online ordering and showrooms, but online delivery is limited. Amazon ships to all of the United States a... More »

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Used band saws are available online from, and The prices differ by websites and other factors, including brand and model. and allow buyers to compare prices ... More »

Harbor Freight carries lathes made by Central Machinery in a range of sizes from 7 by 10 inches up to 14 by 40 inches in both bench top and freestanding styles, as of 2015. Some models are suitable for woodworking while ... More »

Standard saw blade guards connect to table saws via an overhead attachment, so to utilize a barrier guard, use the attachment kit to connect it just behind and above the circular blade. Some self-adjusting blade guards a... More »

Shopsmith sells parts for saws, sanders, dust collectors, planers and other woodworking tools. Common parts customers purchase from the company include a dust collector fan, belts for the Mark V tool, toggle switches and... More »