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Some signs that a pet dog is nearing the end of his life is if he begins to lack the energy to move and seeks out quiet spaces inside the house. Other signs that indicate a pet dog is dying is if he starts to become sad and lashes out.


A push message is any notification from a smartphone app that displays while that app is not actively in use. Push messages are common on apps for iPhone and Android, and they frequently appear as pop-up dialogs, banners and small badges on each app's icon.


Voice messaging is a technology that allows users to send audio recordings of their voice to their contacts over a messaging network. Voice messaging is a common feature provided by mobile messaging apps and is often offered as a mode of communication alongside text, picture or video messaging.


02 “I’m so sorry your family has to go through this. I know you need to put on a strong face for the family but, if you ever want to talk, I’m only a phone call away.” A message of encouraging words for family of sick person like this demonstrates that you are interested in comforting your friend, even though you can’t change the situation.


And because of that, we actually often leave our dying friends and family alone.” So, Holiday went to the nation’s biggest card-maker in hopes of addressing this.


Delivering this message was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But I had to stay calm and say more. I had to find impossible words — words that would bridge the gap between life and death and make his predicament palatable. ... I call them “three magic phrases to comfort a dying person” now. At the time, they were a lifeline of ...


When I heard the news that you were dying, it hit me hard. Your love for life, people, and family has always impressed me. The friends we share are in shock too. Of course, we’re all dying. Maybe not today or this year—but relative to eternity—someday soon all of us will take our last breath. But I didn’t see this coming. Not now. Not you.


Facing the Reality of a Loved One’s Final Days. If you are close enough with this person to discuss end-of-life care and final arrangements, it is important to broach these topics. The conversation may be uncomfortable initially, but talking out details and preferences will assure your loved one that their wishes will be carried out and provide you with clear instructions to follow before ...


I think sending flowers now with a more personal message is a great idea, but you might want to keep the message content fairly light. My mother's dying weeks were an incredibly sad and fearful time for her, and letters with a very intimate or grieving tone only made her feel worse.


It was worse when someone asked me in person. Between avoiding eye contact and a longer-than-necessary pause after the question, the whole conversation felt forced. Written communication — whether it was a text message or an email — is almost always better than an actual face-to-face conversation.