The mesophyll cells in a plant leaf play a vital role in photosynthesis by enabling the gas exchange portion of the process, and through the actions of their specialized chlorophyll-containing organelles, called chloropl... More »

Mesophyll is the green material of a leaf that allows the plant to enact the process of photosynthesis. It consists of two different types of material that contain specific cells for biological processes. More »

The palisade mesophyll is a portion of a leaf that lies just below the upper epidermis. It features cells that are tightly packed together. The cells consist of about three to five times as many chloroplasts as the spong... More » Science Biology Cells

Palisade cells are found in the mesophyll of a leaf and their main function is the absorption of light so that photosynthesis can take place. The palisade mesophyll consists of chloroplasts with chlorophyll that absorb t... More »

To make a 3D plant cell model with play clay, make organelles with clay of different colors, each wrapped in white clay that stands for the cytoplasm. The last two wrapping layers are the membrane and the cell wall. More »

The primary function of cytoplasm is to hold the cell’s various organelles in place. Composed of a gelatinous liquid known as cytosol, the cytoplasm fills the interior of the cell. According to Hartnell College, cytoplas... More »

The process of cell division in plants and animals is very similar as regards the replication and separation of the nucleus and other organelles, but the actual process of dividing the cytoplasm differs. In animal cells,... More »