A merchant application is an application made to obtain a merchant account. A merchant account enables business to receive payments by debit or credit cards. The money captured from credit or debit sales is held in the m... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Merchant bankers work for banks that deal with international finance, commercial lending and underwriting. These professionals provide specialized banking services, and they typically do not work with the general public. More » Business & Finance Careers

Merchant wholesalers are intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers. Typically, they purchase bulk quantities of goods from manufacturers and resell them to retailers at a profit. More » Business & Finance Careers
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Businesses must apply for an online merchant account with an application to one of the merchant services providers, notes These online accounts are meant to temporarily hold funds from credit and debit card ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Search engines, customer and merchant review services, online phone directories, mapping services, and business journals offer unique strengths for businesses looking to list corporate email addresses. The corporate emai... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Elavon offers a variety of merchant services including payment management, debit and credit card processing, and tablet point of sales tools for both small businesses and enterprise companies, as of 2015. The company als... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

A merchant identification number is a unique number assigned to a merchant account to identify it with activities. The number works alongside a terminal identification number and a gateway identification number. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Accounting