The merchant marine is the fleet of civilian ships that carry goods and passengers during peacetime, but may be called upon to carry supplies during a war or national emergency. As of 2006, the United States Merchant Mar... More » Business & Finance Careers

Merchant banking is a type of banking that deals primarily with international financing, underwriting and commercial lending, explains Investopedia. This type of banking provides specialized banking services and generall... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

Merchant wholesalers are intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers. Typically, they purchase bulk quantities of goods from manufacturers and resell them to retailers at a profit. More » Business & Finance Careers
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The U.S. Coast Guard is in charge of merchant marine records from World War II. Records are available by request from the U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center, either online or through the mail. More » History Modern History World War 2

Search for merchant marine job openings on and Enter "merchant marine" into the first search box on either website, and enter a location in the second part to limit your searches to a particular a... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a merchant seaman as of 2012, when the last study was conducted, is $48,980 annually or $23.55 per hour. Salaries vary greatly, however, based on po... More » Business & Finance Careers

Marine biologists study forms of life that live in salt water. The work is a combination of laboratory and office work and time spent in the field studying creatures in their native habitats, which sometimes means going ... More » Business & Finance Careers