Merchant banking is a type of banking that deals primarily with international financing, underwriting and commercial lending, explains Investopedia. This type of banking provides specialized banking services and generall... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

Merchant wholesalers are intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers. Typically, they purchase bulk quantities of goods from manufacturers and resell them to retailers at a profit. More »

The merchant marine is the fleet of civilian ships that carry goods and passengers during peacetime, but may be called upon to carry supplies during a war or national emergency. As of 2006, the United States Merchant Mar... More » Business & Finance Careers
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Some services offered by Chase Bank are credit card services, checking accounts, savings accounts and CDs, mortgage and home equity services, auto loans, Chase private client services, personal banking services, debit ca... More »

Merchant banks in the United States include Murdock Capital, Loeb Partners, U.S. Capital Advisors, HIC Financial and Goldman Sachs' merchant banking division. Most provide not only capital financing, but also financial a... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

Electronic check conversion uses a special scanner that reads the face of a check to collect the customers name, routing number and the account number of the issuing financial institution to create a digital funds transf... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

An insurance company's underwriting department calculates insurance payments, or premiums, using statistics, historical data and mathematical formulas, according to Investopedia. The amount that an insurance company char... More » Business & Finance Insurance