Common questions about Mercedes-Benz repairs focus on the gear shifter not coming out of park, the vehicle cranking but failing to start, the vehicle rattling at start up or the engine running roughly. Other common quest... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

You can buy repair manuals for Mercedes-Benz cars at Haynes and Chilton DIY. Both companies offer detailed repair manuals that include step-by-step instructions and visual examples. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

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Mercedes-Benz is a vehicle brand manufactured by Daimler AG. Daimler AG is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany and has production plants located all over the world. More »

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Standard features of a Mercedes-Benz 380 SL include a front-mounted V8 engine, four-speed automatic gearbox and independent suspension. Imports in the U.S. included changes to the headlight and front and rear bumpers. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

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