People can find virtually any part for a Mercedes-Benz or other vehicle at a junkyard, although stocks vary considerably, so there's no guarantee that a local junkyard contains a particular part. Salvage yards sometimes ... More »

Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts can be found online at websites such as and Sites specializing in Mercedes-Benz parts are typically authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers, and the parts ... More »

Brabus exists as an independent aftermarket Mercedes-Benz tuner, applying its performance and visual upgrades to new cars purchased by Brabus directly from Mercedes-Benz, or to customers' own cars. Founded in 1977, the G... More »

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To sell salvage parts for a Mercedes-Benz, first decide whether to self-sell or relinquish to a junkyard. To self-sell, consult the Kelley Blue Book to determine an appropriate price if selling all the parts at once. To ... More »

Used parts from a Mercedes-Benz vehicle can often be used to repair another Mercedes-Benz that uses the same parts. In some cases, parts from a Mercedes-Benz can be used to repair vehicles produced by Chrysler brands suc... More »

Salvage parts for a Mercedes-Benz can be found at various salvage supply stores, such as Harouts Used Auto Parts. They are located in Sun Valley, California. More »

Some sources for spare Mercedes-Benz parts include the official Mercedes-Benz site and Auto Parts Warehouse. Both sites offer a large selection of parts for both new and old models of Mercedes-Benz cars. More »