Common repairs for Mercedes Benz E320 vehicles include replacement of instrument cluster displays, replacement of the arm rest cup holder, and repair or replacement of a failed crankshaft position sensor. Vehicles with h... More »

You can buy repair manuals for Mercedes-Benz cars at Haynes and Chilton DIY. Both companies offer detailed repair manuals that include step-by-step instructions and visual examples. More »

Common questions about Mercedes-Benz repairs focus on the gear shifter not coming out of park, the vehicle cranking but failing to start, the vehicle rattling at start up or the engine running roughly. Other common quest... More »

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Car owners who are not mechanics might be able to replace dashboard lights in a Mercedes or other vehicle if they can find out how to remove the trim panel and the instrument cluster. An amateur can find tips on removing... More »

The process of installing a new stereo or CD player in a Mercedes Benz consists of removing the existing stereo, connecting the wiring to the adapter, attaching the antenna adaptor and power output before mounting the CD... More »

To install a replacement dashboard, detach the steering wheel, glove box and instrument cluster on the old dashboard. Remove the screws, and disconnect the connections. Gently pull the old dashboard out, and install the ... More »