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LTC8K6 wrote:Seems like a disaster.Megyn seems to be trying to look conservative on NBC, which is never going to work or be tolerated.


2019-09-12. This video was originally published on May 15, 2017. Twin Falls is glad Chobani sued Alex Jones after he said refugees brought crime and disease to the Idaho ...


<i>It&#39;s amusing that these people come out of the woodwork once their career has stalled.</i><br /><br /><i>Stalled</i> is not a word I would apply to Megyn Kelly&#39;s career, but your mileage may vary.


Megyn Kelly #39;s bio, background, photos, and history at Fox News and ... 26 Oct 2018 ... But her defending the use of blackface in Halloween costumes on air in .... the network saw a string of high-profile departures that began with ...


If you had paid attention to R. Kelly's music videos, you could have seen the sex scandal coming.


So, Trump is not completely averse to appearing on that network. His avoidance of Kelly exposes his thin skin. Several current and former Republican Presidential candidates have asked: how is he going to face up to antagonistic world leaders and other prominent players when he can&#39;t even face up to Megyn?!


FOX News anchorwoman, Megyn Kelly, will be moving into prime time. With her nasty divorce behind her, Kelly is focusing on the due date of her third baby. Since 2010, the news anchor has been hosting America Live, a FOX News show that airs weekdays at 1:00p.m. It appears that the host has a lot of changes coming in her life.


I get so confused when people bring up Bill Clinton as an example of somebody who got away with sexual harassment consequence-free. He was impeached, barely acquitted in the Senate, it destroyed the second term of his Presidency, and ruined his reputation (except among Democratic partisans) for a decade.


This Day in History - HISTORY: South African president Nelson Mandela dies at 95 On December 5, 2013, Nelson Mandela, the former activist who overcame a nearly three-decade prison stint to become president of South Africa, passes away after years of struggling with health issues.


I thought it was a great idea to go see the Fayetteville lights after. I wasn't really thinking about how this was the first decent weather day all Thanksgiving break AND that it was the saturday of Thanksgiving break AND that it was right after a game.