A town hall meeting is an informal public meeting between citizens and public figures. They are often used by politicians during campaigns or when important issues arise. More »

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A town hall meeting is held to present information to residents of the town and hear their concerns and opinions. The focus of these meetings include topics of local concern, such as capital projects, programs, services,... More »

Representative democracy is a governmental structure based upon citizens electing representatives to serve on their behalf. Representative democracy contrasts with direct democracy, in which citizens directly manage the ... More »

A limited government is defined as a government that is set up to have limited power over its citizens. A limited government has hard restrictions set on its powers and abilities. These limits have powerful effects on bo... More »

Establishing a quorum in a meeting requires the presence of the minimum number of voting members necessary to conduct business legally. Normally, a quorum consists of a majority of voting members, but organizations can d... More »