A few medium-sized dogs that don't shed very much are Irish terriers, Lakeland terriers, Portuguese water dogs and petit basset griffon Vendéens. While all these dogs do not shed much, they all have different temperament... More »

An English bulldog or a Basset hound would be very fitting in an apartment. They are both gentle and lazy, and neither will be afraid or angered by the many neighbors. However, both dogs require a significant time commit... More »

Some of the most popular non-shedding dogs come from the Spaniel breed, including the Irish Water and American Water Spaniels. Both dogs are of medium size and are highly active as sporting dogs. The American Staffordshi... More »

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VetInfo lists many dog breeds alleged to have hair rather than fur, including poodles, bichon frise, Irish water spaniels, Portuguese water dogs and lhasa apsos. The simple difference between hair and fur is that fur gro... More »

A basset hound can be mixed with any other dog breed to produce puppies. However, certain basset hound mixes are particularly popular, including bassets mixed with bulldogs, boxers or Labrador retrievers. More »

Spanish water dog puppies are the offspring of adult Spanish water dogs, which are known for their hunting abilities. These puppies grow up to be medium-sized dogs with dense, woolly coats of hair. More »

According to The 10 Most Known, the Chinese crested, puli, Xoloitzcuintli, Bergamasco and Portuguese water dogs are the dog breeds that have ugly puppies. The appearance of the puppies from these different breeds varies ... More »