Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private companies that have the coverage of Medicare Parts A and B along with additional benefits that often include prescription drug coverage, while Medigap plans supplement Medi... More »

Characteristics of the best Medigap plans include their ability to pay for the most services Medicare doesn't cover and their inexpensive pricing method, according to Consumer Reports. Because companies carrying Medigap ... More »

The Medigap open enrollment period is a six-month period when interested parties can buy any Medigap policy provided in the state, even if the interested party has health problems. The open enrollment period occurs once ... More »

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Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, consists of plans offered by private insurance companies that include all the benefits of traditional Medicare Parts A and B as well as additional benefits, reports Medi... More »

Humana is one of the large private insurance companies that provides Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare prescription drug plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans. Humana is contracted with the federal government to... More »

Highmark offers insurance plans to help with costs not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Part C plans are available through Highmark, as well as Part D prescription drug coverage. More »

The biggest advantage of Medicare Part D prescription drug plans is that they provide insurance coverage for needed prescription drugs that traditional Medicare does not cover, reports Disadvantages include... More »