Medieval knights generally lived in the castles of noble families, serving under the lord or baron while providing military service and protection in exchange for lodging, weapons, armor, food, money and horses. The king... More »

Medieval knights wore either metal plates of armor or thick leather and chainmail shirts. Knights would also have worn a helmet to protect their heads, a gauntlet, which was a glove, and greaves, which were protective le... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Historical Dress

In general, Medieval knights ate wild game, bread and vegetables. The specific type of game or vegetables depended upon the knight's geographical location and season. Dining practices also varied depending upon the class... More » Food Food Facts Food History

Knights performed military services for lords within a kingdom. Clergymen during the Crusades established a moral code in which a knight must also protect churches, women, orphans and the weak. More » History Middle Ages

Medieval castles were used primarily for defense, but they also provided living quarters and storage for the lord, his family and his estate. Because the lord lived within the castle walls, it was usually a center of gov... More »

In medieval times, castles were home to nobility or high-ranking clerics, defense forces and a large household staff. In times of warfare, the population of the castle would swell as peasants from the lord's domain flood... More »

In Medieval times, a baron was a member of the English nobility. The kings of the era leased land to barons, and in exchange, the barons had to serve on the king's council and provide food and beds to the king and his me... More »