A Medicare enrollment form is the form required to enroll in Medicare, according to the Social Security Administration. The form is available at any Social Security office or online at More »

Medicare Part A and Part B enrollment forms are available online for people who do not yet have any Medicare coverage and want to apply for both parts of the program. People who have Part A and want to apply for Part B a... More »

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the official source of information about Medicare enrollment for individuals and organizations, according to These enrollment forms are submitted electronically ... More »

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The Social Security Administration handles Medicare enrollment, and those who want to enroll for Medicare in person or ask questions about their enrollment should visit their local Social Security office, reports Medicar... More »

Individuals can request a replacement Medicare card by completing the online form on the Social Security website, calling Social Security at 1-800-772-1213, or visiting the nearest Social Security Administration office, ... More »

Those who turn 65 can sign up for Medicare online at the website, reports the Social Security Administration. Alternatively, individuals are able to sign up for Medicare by phone or by visiting the local Social S... More »

It is possible to apply for Medicare online at, reports the Social Security Administration. After the Social Security Administration processes your application, it sends you a Medicare card by post. Alternatively... More »