Rehabilitative therapy providers use Medicare G-codes to satisfy requirements for functional limitation reporting and PQRS requirements, according to WebPT. These codes allow for the tracking of information about the ove... More »

Some of the most common Medicare denial codes are CO-97, CO-50, PR-B9, CO-96 and CO-31. Other denial codes indicate missing or incorrect information, notes Noridian Healthcare Solutions. Medicare denial codes, which indi... More »

Medicare uses the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System to supplement the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology codes in order to standardize treatment codes for insurance purposes, according ... More »

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A Medicare Provider Transaction Access Number, known as a PTAN, is a way to track Medicare providers during claims processing, according to WPS Health Insurance. Providers also need their number in order to receive infor... More »

Kendal Anesthesia Associates, All-Med Management Systems Inc., Gateway Radiology Consultants and the Tower Radiology Center Carrollwood are some AvMed Medicare providers, according to AvMed. Patients can search for addit... More »

Medicare reimburses healthcare providers after they give medical services or supplies to Medicare beneficiaries and submit reimbursement claims directly to Medicare. The reimbursement rates that are a part of the Medicar... More »

As of 2015, Medicare Part B covers a three-month trial of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy for those who are qualified, according to Medicare. In order for a patient to qualify, a diagnosis of obstructive slee... More »