Common medical-malpractice claims include misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, medication error, childbirth injury and anesthesia error, according to Nolo. To establish malpractice, a plaintiff must prove that a doctor cause... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

To find out if there are malpractice lawsuits against a doctor, a person can access his state's court records, explains Nolo. Many records are online; others may require going to the courthouse and paying a fee. The exis... More » Government & Politics Crime

Individuals searching for information about malpractice suits against doctors can check with the state medical board, which is responsible for state medical licensing. The Federation of State Medical Boards provides acce... More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Common reasons for hospital malpractice lawsuits include misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, childbirth injuries, medication errors and surgical mistakes, explains Nolo. In order to prove medical malpractice, a person mus... More » Government & Politics Law

Infections caused by faulty dental equipment, needless extraction of teeth and the misdiagnosis of a dental condition are some common claims against dentists in malpractice cases. Dental malpractice is when injury to a p... More » Health Dental

Effective treatments for brain atrophy include medication, nonmedication therapy, increasing brain activity, regular exercise and eating balanced diets rich in antioxidant fruits and vegetables, claims Healthgrades. The ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

In many cases, pain associated with sciatic nerve damage goes away on its own, claims WebMD. If any treatment is necessary, the patient can use medications and exercises until the nerve has healed. More » Health Conditions & Diseases