Some home-based medical coding jobs include billing or insurance coding jobs, cancer registry jobs and health care company jobs. Some local doctors, hospitals or medical billing companies also offer at-home jobs or know ... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

The average annual salary for medical coders in the United States ranges from $30,000 to $40,000 as of 2015. The average hourly rate for medical coders ranges between $16 and $17. More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

Individuals can find medical billing and coding employment opportunities through the Medical Billing and Coding Certification website (MB&CC) website, states Medical Billing and Coding (MB&C). The MB&CC website offers a ... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search
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Apply for medical billing and coding internships by discovering opportunities at college career offices, contacting organizations such as the American Association of Professional Coders or browsing online job boards such... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Some different types of medical typing jobs include administrative duties, medical transcription and medical coding. Medical typists can work from home or in a medical facility. More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Remote jobs available for registered nurses include remote monitoring of vital signs for in-home patients, assessing patient care needs and managing patient caseloads, and clinical home health care coding. Generally, the... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Examples of medical degrees include health care associate degrees in health care administration, health services administration, medical billing and coding, dental assisting and clinical medical assisting. More advanced ... More » Education Colleges & Universities