The primary job in the field of medical claims processing is that of medical claims processor, which is sometimes also known as medical insurance claims adjuster, as the Houston Chronicle explains. Medical claims process... More » Business & Finance Careers

The process for filing a Medicare claim involves filling out the Patient Request for Medical Payment form and mailing the completed form to the address provided in the instructions, according to Individuals... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield providers accept medical claims that are filed electronically or by mail, according to Blue Shield of California. Electronic claims from doctors or health care facilities are submitted through pre-... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance
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Available careers in the field of insurance claims include claims representative, liability claims representative, claims adjuster and claims supervisor. Position titles vary somewhat from company to company, and some po... More » Business & Finance Careers

Some common loan processor courses cover topics such as approval processes, processor duties, credit counseling, fraud detection and loan processing terminology. Basic appraisal principles, disbursing disclosures, credit... More » Business & Finance Careers

Mississippi's Department of Employment Security operates WIN Job Centers throughout the state in order to provide services for unemployed Mississippi residents; these services focus both on unemployment claims and job se... More » Business & Finance Careers

Examples of jobs attainable with little or no experience in the field include debt collection agent, direct sales roles, customer service representative, delivery driver and various secretarial roles. Many food service a... More » Business & Finance Careers