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Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with design, construction and use of machines. Mechanical engineering can be used to build small individual parts or giant systems.


To become a mechanical engineer, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is required, as stated by the BLS. This degree is required to obtain most entry-level mechanical engineering positions, and a degree from an AEBT-accredited program is preferred.


Common job duties for mechanical engineers include drafting designs for thermal and mechanical devices, such as tools, machines and engines, as well as building and testing them. Engineers also supervise the creation of their devices.


Find listings for auto mechanic jobs on websites such as CareerBuilder and Craigslist. These sites offer a variety of mechanic jobs postings for positions both local and around the country.


You can gain a quality, fundamental understanding of mechanical engineering from the MIT OpenCourseware website. Here you can find all the undergraduate level mechanical engineering materials, easily accessible and also free of charge.


Find a mechanic capable of engine removal by browsing business directories, social media profiles and online classifieds. To get the best price, call ahead to ask for an estimate before choosing an auto repair shop.


As of 2015, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology and Stanford University rank among the best institutions offering mechanical engineering programs. Other top schools include the University of Illinois, University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology a


Common engineering jobs include civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, aerospace engineer and computer engineer. Other engineering jobs include software engineer, software engineer and nuclear engineer. As of 2014, civil engineers hold the largest number of jobs in the engineering


Some different types of engineering jobs are an automotive engineer, aerospace engineer, agricultural engineer, a chemical engineer, a civil engineer and a biomedical engineer. Environmental engineer, computer engineer and geological engineer are also jobs in the engineering industry, according to E


Individuals can find auto mechanic job openings by searching the job opening sections of auto business websites. For example, NAPA Auto Parts has a special jobs website for applicants. Applicants can also view auto mechanic job openings across the United States on Indeed.com.