The area of a square or rectangular room can be calculated in square feet by measuring the length and width of the room in feet and multiplying the two numbers. The calculation of the area of a room depends on its shape,... More »

To calculate square footage of rectangular floor space, determine the length and width of the rectangular space in feet, then multiply them together. If floor space is not a perfect rectangle, break the space up into rec... More »

To get the square footage of a home, measure the exterior walls of each floor of the home to the nearest inch. Once the measurements are done for each floor, multiply the length and the width, and add all of the floors' ... More » Math Geometry Shapes

Calculate the area of a rectangular room by measuring the length of the room and the width of the room, and then multiply the numbers together to determine the room’s area. This method works for any units desired, such a... More »

To find the total area of a square or rectangular space, it is necessary to multiply the length by the width. The product of this multiplication is expressed in square units. Finding the area of a circular space requires... More »

To find the area of a quadrilateral, find the height and width of the shape (for rectangles, squares, parallelograms and trapezoids), and then multiply the two numbers together. For rhombuses and kites, find the length o... More »

To determine the number of floor tiles required to cover a given space, multiply the length by the width of the space in feet to calculate the total square footage or area, then divide that number by the size of the tile... More »