You can measure water hardness with simple soap tests, commercial test kits or expensive electronic testing machines. Some hardware stores and online retailers, such as, sell test kits. Water may also be acidi... More »

To measure the hardness of water, either titrate a sample of the water with an ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, or EDTA, solution or use a test strip kit. Hardness refers to the amount of minerals in the water, such as c... More »

The Rockwell Hardness Chart measures the depth of indentation upon application of a total force under a preliminary force to determine the relative hardness of various metals and some plastics. The measurement is relativ... More »

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According to Machine Evaluation and Engineering, Inc., the principles examined with universal testing machines are elongation and deformation. These machines exert shear, compressive and tensile forces on a test object t... More »

The instruments that measure water vapor content in the air are called a hygrometer and psychrometer. Water vapor is water suspended in the atmosphere in the form of an invisible gas. Humidity is the measure of water vap... More »

Some important apparatus found in a chemistry laboratory are beakers, Bunsen burners, Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes, funnels, thermometers, clamps and water bottles. These items can be essential for performing many chemi... More »

Most home formaldehyde test kits include a badge or pump for collecting an air sample that is returned to an accredited laboratory for testing. Formaldehyde is of special concern in new or remodeled homes. More »