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Measurements of length, width and height are used to find the volume of a solid figure. Volume is measured in cubic units, because three values are being multiplied to arrive at the final figure.


One place to find a height and weight chart for women is on Rush University Medical Center's official website, Rush.edu. The chart shows weights for heights ranging from 4 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 4 inches, with ranges included for normal, overweight and obese weight levels.


MD-Health.com offers children's height and weight charts. Large health organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization, maintain up-to-date height and weight information for children, intended primarily for health providers.


A weights and measures table, also called a conversion chart, compares different types of measurements, such as distance, weight and volume. The chart displays a list of measurements and their equivalents when converted to other units.


A height and weight chart for men is available at WebMD as part of the site's explanation of body mass index, or BMI. By finding the intersection between one's height and weight, it's possible to determine one's BMI, a useful number in evaluating one's risk of developing weight-related illnesses.


Many height and weight tables are not accurate, according to HealthStatus. Calculations that take into account factors other than height and weight, such as age and frame size, are more accurate. Many health professionals rely on BMI (body mass index) as a reliable way to determine whether a person


The average height of a three-year-old male is between 36.5 and 38.6 inches, while the average height for a female is between 36 and 38.1 inches, according to BabyCenter. The average weight for a male of that age is 29.5 to 34.3 pounds, and a female is 28.4 to 33.4 pounds.


A healthy weight-to-height chart is most often related to the body mass index (BMI) number. The BMI number relates a person's weight and height to measure the amount of body fat. Two sources that offer weight to height charts that show if a person's weight is healthy are the National Heart, Lung and


A table for the recommended weight for specific heights for adults can be found at the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion website. This table differs from the myriad of pediatric growth charts that are available elsewhere online, according to the Office of Disease Prevention and Healt


Healthy You Naturally and Rush University Medical Center offer height-to-weight ratio charts on their websites. Available charts include the ideal body weight range for women, men and all adults at different heights.