A tort is a civil wrong that can be righted or rectified by awarding damages. Torts are civil wrongs recognized by law as the groundwork for lawsuits. More » Education

According to Cornell University Law School, tort law is a violation of civil law for which an offender could have to pay damages. Tort law rests on injury or harm caused by an act that provides grounds for a lawsuit. More » Government & Politics Law

The primary purpose of tort law in the United States is to redress imbalances caused by the actions or inaction of parties that have aggrieved others and somehow caused harm. The aggrieved parties have the right to seek ... More » Government & Politics Law
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The word "reciprocity" is a noun that refers to a relation of mutual exchange. The origin of the word comes from the Latin word, "reciprocus." More » Education

The word "evaluate" means to appraise or assess the value of someone or something. Alternatively, it means to judge the significance or impact of something. In math, evaluate is also used to describe the process of worki... More » Education

"Namask?r?m" is a word in Teluga, or Telugu, that means "hello." When departing, a person might say "veedkolu," meaning "goodbye." For a morning greeting, "shubhodayam" is appropriate, and "shubha dhina?" is acceptable i... More » Education

"Ogunquit" is an Abenaki or Natick word translated as "beautiful place by the sea." It is the name of a coastal town located in southern Maine. More » Education