A target market is a business' ideal customer base. Having a target market helps a business leader direct marketing funds to the customers most likely to buy from the business. More »

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Apple Inc.'s target market is customers with unique needs when it comes to the purchase of electronic gadgets. Apple Inc. is perceived to defy the law of marketing and employ a rather unique marketing strategy where the ... More »

While most of Disney's television shows and movies appeal to children and teenagers, the company's cruises, parks and tours also have a large number of activities intended for parents and adults. Disney Channel itself ha... More »

Sephora's general target market is higher-income women, but the stores are cleverly designed to break down the target market into smaller segments. Sephora tries to appeal to women who value quality and are willing to pa... More »

The four elements of the marketing concept are the target market, the customer needs, integrated marketing and profitability. These form the key for the selling company to achieve a competitive advantage. More »

An example business plan for a car wash begins with an executive summary that states the name and intent of the company, followed by sections that outline the management team, the services available and the target custom... More »

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A marketing program is a comprehensive and detailed blueprint used in business to attain objectives, including market research, methods of identifying and connecting with target market segments leading to decisions in pr... More »

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