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Define dictation. dictation synonyms, dictation pronunciation, dictation translation, English dictionary definition of dictation. n. 1. a. The act or process of dictating material to another for transcription. b. The material so dictated. 2. An authoritative command or order. n 1.


Dictation definition, the act or manner of dictating for reproduction in writing. See more.


English Language Learners Definition of dictation : the act of speaking words that someone writes down or that a machine records : the act of dictating words See the full definition for dictation in the English Language Learners Dictionary


dictation definition: 1. the activity of dictating something for someone else to write down: 2. a test in which a piece of writing is dictated to students learning a foreign language, to test their ability to hear and write the language correctly: 3. the act of saying something aloud, so that your….


Dictation is the speaking or reading aloud of words for someone else to write down. ...taking dictation from the dean of the Faculty. He had had an arm amputated and relied on her to take down his books from dictation.


Definition of dictation - the action of dictating words to be typed, written down, or recorded on tape, the action of giving orders authoritatively or categ


Define dictate. dictate synonyms, dictate pronunciation, dictate translation, English dictionary definition of dictate. v. dic·tat·ed , dic·tat·ing , dic·tates v. tr. 1. To say or read aloud to be recorded or written by another: dictate a letter. 2. a. To prescribe with...


Dictate definition is - to utter words to be transcribed : to give dictation. How to use dictate in a sentence. to utter words to be transcribed : to give dictation; to speak or act domineeringly : prescribe…


Dictating definition, to say or read (something) aloud for another person to transcribe or for a machine to record: to dictate some letters to a secretary. See more.