The United States military uses the term D-day as a start date for field operations. There are many D-day dates in history but the most famous is the one that occurred on June 6, 1944. More » History Modern History World War 2

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was made official by the national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, General John Logan, on May 5, 1868. It was initially declared as a day of remembrance for the ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate romance, love and devotion. It is usually celebrated by giving friends, family and especially significant others flowers and gifts to show affection. Valentine's Day is celebrated in... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Valentines Day
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The policy of appeasement followed by France and England towards Nazi Germany during the 1930s enabled Adolf Hitler to annex Austria, assume control of Czechoslovakia and to ultimately invade Poland, the act that signale... More » History Modern History World War 2

World War II timelines that start with the attack on Pearl Harbor are available at Timetoast and the History Place. The timeline at Timetoast is interactive, and the one at the History Place is in a static, text format a... More » History Modern History World War 2

The symbolic meaning of a dead bird on the porch varies based on the breed of bird, its location, weather, time of day, day of the week, the date or the season. For example, the porch symbolizes both new beginnings and v... More » World View Symbolism

The Holocaust ended on May 7, 1945, the day the Nazis surrendered to Western forces. The persecution of Jews, Roma and disabled people began in 1933 when the Nazis took over the German government. The victims were moved ... More » History Modern History World War 2