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Bilious definition is - of or relating to a yellow or greenish fluid that is secreted by the liver and that aids especially in the emulsification and absorption of fats : of or relating to bile. How to use bilious in a sentence. Did You Know?


Below the hat was a lean, long, sallow face, deeply pitted with the smallpox, and characterized, very remarkably, by eyes of two different colors -- one bilious green, one bilious brown, both sharply intelligent.


Bilious definition: If someone describes the appearance of something as bilious , they mean that they think... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


bilious definition: 1. relating to an illness, caused by too much bile, that can cause vomiting: 2. If someone is…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus; My profile +Plus help; Log out; Dictionary . Definitions. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English . English; Learner’s Dictionary ...


Bilious definition, pertaining to bile or to an excess secretion of bile. See more.


Bilious: The adjective for bile, bilious has three meanings. It means of or relating to bile. By extension, bilious means suffering from liver dysfunction (and especially excessive secretion of bile). And, further by extension, it is indicative of a peevish ill-natured disposition.


bilious definition: The definition of bilious is something relating to bile or the liver, or someone who has a bad temper. (adjective) An example of bilious is liver disease....


Bile, or gall, is a dark-green-to-yellowish-brown fluid produced by the liver of most vertebrates that aids the digestion of lipids in the small intestine. In humans, bile is produced continuously by the liver (liver bile) and stored and concentrated in the gallbladder.


bil·ious (bil'yŭs), 1. Synonym(s): biliary 2. Relating to or characteristic of biliousness. 3. Formerly, denoting a temperament characterized by a quick, irritable temper. Synonym(s): choleric bilious (bĭl′yəs) adj. 1. Of, relating to, or containing bile; biliary. 2. a. Characterized by an excess secretion of bile. b. Relating to, characterized by ...


‘So if there are any splenetic motorists or bilious cyclists out there thinking of penning an angry letter to the Evening Press, listen up.’ ‘This is not Ayckbourn's first assault on the sickness of the celebrity culture: Man of the Moment was an even more bilious attack on media glorification of villains.’