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This chart displays the relationship between the GDP per capita and the population of the 50 most populous countries. Each country is shown as a rectangle, ...


GDP per capita ay i ang tagapagpahiwatig ng ekonomiya na umu ukat a ugnayan a pagitan ng anta ng kita ng i ang ban a at bawat i a a mga naninirahan dito.


Ang GDP per capita ay isang tagapagpahiwatig ng ekonomiya na sumusukat sa ugnayan sa pagitan ng antas ng kita ng isang bansa at bawat isa sa mga naninirahan ...


អ្វីទៅជា GDP? អ្វីទៅជា GDP Per Capita? ជាដំបូងយើងត្រូវយល់ន័យនៃពាក្យថា GDP ជាមុនសិន។


is a measure of the total output of a country that takes into account GDP and divides it by the number of people in the country · nominal per capita gdp for a ...


Mar 10, 2020 ... GDP per capita is a measure of a country's economic output that accounts for its number of people. It simply divides the country's GDP by its ...


Aug 10, 2012 ... GDP per capita, then, is the total GDP value divided by the number of people who live in that country. So, for instance, let's imagine your ...


Nov 18, 2020 ... GDP per capita is equal to the gross domestic product (GDP) divided by population. It is a measure of the average output or income per person.