"MD PA" stands for Medical Doctor, Professional Association. The "Professional Association" designation is a legal term used to describe a separate legal entity, much like an incorporated business. More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers

Lincoln Technical Institute trains students in automotive technology, health sciences, skilled trades, cosmetology, culinary arts, business and information technology. As of 2014, campus locations include Columbia, Md., ... More » Education Colleges & Universities

The bloodiest battle of the U.S. Civil War was fought at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1 to 3, 1863. By the end of the engagement, Union and Confederate forces had suffered combined losses of 51,000 dead and wounded. More » History Modern History US History
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To become a doctor of cardiology, an individual must have a bachelor's degree in a certified premedical field, and he must complete medical school to receive a Medical Doctor degree or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine de... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

What two things are compared, the positive attributes and similarities between them are judged in relation to each other. It may also be decided if one item has superior qualities to the other. More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers

Manifest Destiny drove a sense of purpose and established the United States' domination in North America. It also reflected and helped spread the overall pride of being an American at the time. More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers

Students with access to Aplia's resources through their schools can find assignment answers after completing an assignment. As Aplia does not direct students to any third-party test answer websites, students should gener... More » Education Homework Help Homework Answers