The McCarthy trials were a series of investigations into the U.S. Army conducted by Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1950. The trials began when McCarthy charged more than 200 members of the Department of State with being know... More » History Modern History Cold War

Arthur Miller wrote "The Crucible" as a commentary or parable on the United States during the McCarthy Era of the 1950s. It is written as historical fiction, however, through the play, Miller illuminated how the social i... More » Art & Literature Literature Plays

The McCarthy hearings, which sought to root out communists in the U.S. government during the early 1950s, inspired Arthur Miller to write "The Crucible." Although the play's setting is the 17th-century Salem witch trials... More » Art & Literature Literature Classics
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Senator Joseph McCarthy's blacklist was a list of American people suspected of association with the Communist Party in the 1940s and 1950s. The people included on the blacklist were meant to be barred from employment. More » History Modern History Cold War

Joseph McCarthy was known for his investigations of supposed communists in government departments during the Cold War era of the 1950s. As chairman of the Senate's Committee on Government Operations, he launched a media-... More » Government & Politics Types of Government

Some famous U.S. Army photographs include “The Magnificent Eleven,” a series of photos by Robert Capa depicting the U.S. invasion of Omaha Beach. Another famous photo of the Army is an untitled photograph taken by Marc R... More » Government & Politics Military

Because the Cold War did not involve actual combat but rather a situation of extreme tension between the Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc, there was no specific location. However, the primary countries involved in the Cold ... More » History Modern History Cold War