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To repair a Maytag washer that is not agitating, one must diagnose which part of the machine is causing the problem and repair or replace the offending part. Common parts that cause a washer not to agitate include the agitator, the drive belt, the transmission and the drive motor.


The steps to repairing a Maytag washer include replacing the lid switch, changing the tub bearing and replacing the drive block. The specific steps for repairing Maytag washers depend on the particular problem.


The owner's manual is the best place to start with troubleshooting a Maytag washing machine. Help is also available with online manuals at such websites as ApplianceRepair.net. Customers whose Maytag washers are still under warranty (or who just want a certified Maytag repair pro) can schedule a rep


Maytag manufactures many types of washers, but they fall into two main categories: top loading and front loading. The process for opening a top loading washer involves removing the front and top panel, while fixing a side front loading washer requires removal of only the bottom front panel.


To repair a Maytag washer without calling in for service, first identify the specific issue, and then repair or replace the failing part. Common problems with Maytag washers include clogged drain pumps, damaged tub seals and cracked drive pulleys.


To remove a Maytag agitator, start with disconnecting the power supply from the Maytag machine. If removing the Maytag agitator from a Maytag washer, use masking tape to stick the washer lid on the top panel. Locate the retaining clips using a plastic putty knife inserted between the front panels an


A Maytag washer is a laundry washing machine from the appliance manufacturer Maytag. The term may refer to a front-load washer, stacked laundry pair or top-load washer with varying features.


As of 2015, Maytag front-loading washers are among the top rated machines according to Consumer Reports. However, its top-loading high-efficiency machines do not perform as well as machines by Samsung and LG.


Maytag is among the best washing machine brands on the market, with an A+ rating from Consumer Reports for its front-loading washers and a B+ for its top-loading washers. Samsung and LG score higher for top-loading washers with A+ ratings, as of April 2015.


Customer reviews consistently rate Maytag washers very high, earning an average of between 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars for a variety of models on Lowe's official site. This brand receives an average of 4.4 stars on Home Depot's website.