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Any Maytag-certified repair professional can fix an appliance that is under warranty, often at no cost to the owner. If the appliance is out of warranty, the owner can choose a local firm. Such companies as South Austin Appliance Repair, in Austin, Texas, list Maytag among their brands of expertise.


Maytag repairs kitchen appliances, washers, dryers and all the other appliances it sells. Owners can schedule service appointments with Maytag online, or they contact the designated repair company if they have an extended service plan.


Maytag manufactures many types of washers, but they fall into two main categories: top loading and front loading. The process for opening a top loading washer involves removing the front and top panel, while fixing a side front loading washer requires removal of only the bottom front panel.


To find instructions on how to set up a service call for the dryer belt on a Maytag appliance, visit Service and Repair under the Service and Support menu on the company's website. When filling out the service appointment form, provide detailed information regarding the problem you're experiencing.


The majority of repairs on a Maytag dryer can be performed by people with little or no experience of mechanics and without the need for vast technical knowledge. There are numerous blogs, guides, manuals and videos available online that detail repair instructions for specific problems and models of


Maytag oven repair manuals are available directly from the manufacturer's website. A visitor can simply enter the respective Maytag model number and then download the corresponding PDF file.


A Maytag dryer that is not heating can be repaired by replacing the heating element, changing the hi-limit or replacing the motor. The specific Maytag dryer repairs depend on the particular model.


Items covered under a Maytag warranty depend on the type of product the warranty is attached to and when it was produced. All 2014 and later models of Maytag appliances come with a 10-year warranty on certain parts and components, while Maytag HVAC products feature a 12-year warranty on parts.


Maytag washing machines and other appliances can be repaired by authorized Maytag technicians. Service calls can be scheduled by calling Maytag's customer service or through its website using the site's service appointment scheduler.


Maytag can be contacted with regard to repairing a dishwasher or any of the other appliances made by the company by scheduling a repair appointment through the company's official website. A form is available on the site that helps appliance owners set up a repair schedule of their own preference.