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According to the CDC, there is no definitive scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of mayonnaise used to suffocate head lice. No evidence exists for the effectiveness of olive oil, margarine or butter to treat head lice either.


Although some people believe mayonnaise can kill head lice by smothering them, there is little clinical evidence of the effectiveness of this treatment, reports Mayo Clinic. Wet-combing, household cleaning and essential oils are also clinically unproven treatments.


Mayonnaise is commonly used as a home remedy to kill head lice, but its effectiveness is not scientifically proven, according to WebMD. To smother lice, a thick layer of mayonnaise is applied to the infected person's head and left on overnight underneath a bathing cap.


Mayonnaise is a home remedy believed to suffocate adult head lice and nymphs, according to Health.com and the HeadLiceCenter.com. Mayonnaise contains oil, vinegar and egg yolk. Some users believe that mayonnaise kills the head lice but does not affect the eggs, because ...


The use of mayonnaise as an alternative to prescription head lice treatment is often tried when conventional treatment does not work, reports the Minnesota Department of Health. It is possible to suffocate head lice by applying mayonnaise to the hair and scalp; however,...


According to Mayo Clinic, most doctors recommend treating lice with an over-the-counter medication applied to the infested head. The medication includes permethrin and pyrethrin, chemicals that kill most lice. If an over-the-counter lice medication doesn't work, a docto...


To treat head lice at home, special shampoo can be purchasedat most retail stores. Medication can also be obtained from a doctor, according to the Centers for Disease Control.