The maximum Social Security retirement benefit amount varies with the age a person retires, states the official Social Security website. As of 2015, if a person retires at 65, his maximum monthly benefit is $2,663. If re... More »

The maximum Social Security benefit varies depending on a worker's retirement age and the calendar year the worker retires, according to the Social Security Administration. Two workers who retire in the same year, but at... More »

The only way to receive the maximum Social Security benefit is by reaching the Full Retirement Age, as stated by Forbes. The maximum Social Security benefit is prone to change with each coming year. More »

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Individuals can estimate their future Social Security retirement benefits by utilizing the benefit calculator on the Social Security website, explains the Social Security Administration. The retirement estimator gives es... More »

Social Security benefits are based on a person's highest 35 wage-earning years, so retirement at age 60 can impact benefits if that person leaves a well-paying job, notes AARP. People who make less than they did in their... More »

As of 2015, the maximum Social Security benefit that a worker can receive if he waited until the full retirement age to request payment is $2,663 per month, reports Kiplinger. Full retirement age is 66 for people born be... More »

People collect maximum Social Security benefits upon retirement following several strategies: requesting Social Security checks after age 62, claiming benefits for past spouses and applying at the right time. Requesting ... More »