To get the maximum Social Security benefit payments for a disability, workers must have accumulated enough work credits for eligibility and have high earnings records, reports Nolo. People who have earned more and paid m... More »

As of 2015, the maximum Social Security benefit that a worker can receive if he waited until the full retirement age to request payment is $2,663 per month, reports Kiplinger. Full retirement age is 66 for people born be... More »

The maximum monthly social security benefit possible at age 62 beginning in the year 2015 is $2014.13 as dictated by the Social Security Administration. This is a mandated maximum figure set by the SSA and cannot be grea... More »

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Individuals qualify for Social Security retirement, disability and survivors benefits by accumulating enough work credits while employed or by being a family member of someone with enough work credits. Eligibility for Su... More »

Individuals eligible for Social Security benefit payments must have insured status because they or family members earned enough Social Security credits while working. Eligible individuals include people aged 62 and over,... More »

Social Security beneficiaries received a 1.5 percent cost-of-living raise in 2014, bringing the average monthly benefit to $1,294 for individual workers and $2,111 for couples. The actual monthly benefit is based on how ... More »

Social Security disability payments are based upon countable income and the Social Security federal benefit rate. The Social Security Administration subtracts a person's countable income from the Social Security federal ... More »