Mauve is a pale bluish purple. Compared to a pale magenta, mauve is a more grey and more blue color. It is often described as a pale violet. More » Science Colors

Colors that match mauve include other shades of purple, shades of green, gray and blue. Green is mauve's complementary color, while purple variations match because of similar color elements. More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

View grout color samples online by visiting grout retailer websites such as, and Retailers provide grout color charts that include an image of the grout shade along w... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance
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Tiffany blue is the shade of turquoise chosen by Charles Lewis Tiffany as the exclusive color for the prestigious jeweler's packaging boxes. The blue boxes are instantly recognizable and associated with the elegance of T... More » Science Colors

Terracotta ranges in color from orange to brick red. The specific shade of terracotta color is determined by a number of factors. More » Science Colors

The color red is the most eye catching. Being exposed to the color red causes dramatic reactions in people's moods and emotions, intensifying feelings of love, excitement, anger or anxiousness. More » Science Colors

Purple and orange create a color known as burnt sienna when mixed together. Burnt sienna is a mud-like color that has a brown hue, according to Crayola. More » Science Colors