Math XL codes are available at most stores that sell textbooks, including, and Math XL codes are available as a standalone access code kit or packaged with a tex... More » Education K-12

A Math XL code is a unique identifier needed to access the Math XL course set. Codes are available for both students and instructors. Student codes are valid from 12 to 24 months, depending on the courses chosen. Teacher... More » Education K-12

A Pearson MathLab access code is a requirement for students who intend to register for any academic course that requires the use of the program. As of 2015, Pearson generally packages codes with textbooks, but users can ... More » Education
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Pearson Education provides two general math curricula for kindergarten through high school, as well as textbooks for AP Calculus and Statistics. Pearson provides an interactive curriculum designed from Common Core requir... More » Education K-12

Students can ask their teachers for supplementary math problems or work unassigned problems in their textbooks. In addition, IXL and Paul's Online Math Notes provide extra problems and explanations of math concepts from ... More » Education K-12

There are many websites where you can buy used textbooks, such as,, and Some of these websites allow you to rent new or used textbooks, instead of purchasing them. Re... More » Education

Math is important because it is a fundamental skill that most people use every day, allowing them to make practical, real-life calculations when managing money, cooking and building things. It also teaches people to use ... More » Education K-12