Three great online resources for help with math word problems are, and These three websites have many tutorials, example problems and tips for making word problems much easier to s... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

An example of an addition word problem is as follows: John has $800 in his checking account. He receives a check for $1,200. How much money does he have in his checking account after depositing the check? More » Education K-12

Math word problems are important for high school students because they help develop a conceptual understanding of the processes involved in arriving at solutions and enhance students' abilities to communicate mathematica... More »

Some good resources for third-grade spelling tests include word lists, spelling list worksheets and dictation practice activities available through websites like Super Teacher Worksheets and K12 Reader. Teachers can also... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

Ninth grade math problems include: Solve |x-1| 3. Identify the intersection of the intervals [0; 3] and ] 0; 2]. Work out the set of solutions for the inequation (- x – 3) (x+1) ≤ 0. Calculate sin (π/3). Determine if M ... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

Find printable worksheets for math word problems on and, as of 2015. Both websites allow visitors to download worksheets in PDF format and print for free. More » Education K-12

Another word for "babysitter" is caregiver. Additional synonyms, though differing slightly in employment duties, include child-minder, nanny, governess, au pair, child care worker and day care provider. More »