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Is a Square a Rhombus? Yes, because a square is just a rhombus where the angles are all right angles. Other Names. It is more common to call this shape a rhombus, but some people call it a rhomb or even a diamond. The plural is rhombi or rhombuses, and, rarely, rhombbi or rhombbuses (with a double b).


A rhombus is actually just a special type of parallelogram.Recall that in a parallelogram each pair of opposite sides are equal in length. With a rhombus, all four sides are the same length.It therefore has all the properties of a parallelogram. See Definition of a parallelogram. Its a bit like a square that can 'lean over' and the interior angles need not be 90°.


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Rhombus - math word problems. Two patches Peter taped the wound with two rectangular patches (one over the other to form the letter X). The area sealed with both patches at the same time had a content of 40cm2 and a circumference of 30cm. One of the patches was 8cm wide. What was the width of t


A rhombus is a type of parallelogram, and what distinguishes its shape is that all four of its sides are congruent.. There are several formulas for the rhombus that have to do with its . Sides(click for more detail). all 4 sides are congruent; Angles(click for more detail). diagonals bisect vertex angles


In plane Euclidean geometry, a rhombus (plural rhombi or rhombuses) is a quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length. Another name is equilateral quadrilateral, since equilateral means that all of its sides are equal in length.The rhombus is often called a diamond, after the diamonds suit in playing cards which resembles the projection of an octahedral diamond, or a lozenge, though ...


Diagonals of a Rhombus. A wonderful and rare property of a rhombus is that its diagonals are always perpendicular to each other. You can see this for yourself if you lay down your four straight objects to make a rhombus and then draw in diagonals.


The Rhombus. A rhombus is a four-sided shape where all sides have equal length (marked "s"). Also opposite sides are parallel and opposite angles are equal. Another interesting thing is that the diagonals (dashed lines) meet in the middle at a right angle. In other words they "bisect" (cut in half) each other at right angles.


A rhombus (plural: rhombuses or rhombi) is a parallelogram in which all sides are congruent. Examples: In everyday language, some rhombuses are called diamonds, such as a baseball diamond. Below are examples of said rhombuses/diamonds.


Play Rhomb at Math Playground! Arrange the puzzle pieces to cover the grid. Advertisement | Go Ad-Free. 1st Grade. 2nd Grade. 3rd Grade. 4th Grade. 5th Grade. 6th Grade. Fun Skill Games Guide each filled rhombus to its matching container. A rhombus cannot pass another filled rhombus but it can move past a rhombus outline. Order is very ...