Example questions of math ratio problems include: On a map, if 1 inch represents 10 miles, how many miles does 3 inches represent? If a classroom contains 10 girls and 15 boys, what is the ratio of girls to students in t... More »

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Reading the problem, and reading it more than one time, is key to solving math word problems. Attempt to break the problem down into smaller steps. Look for key words in the language of the problem that can serve as a gu... More »

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Good practice math problems for a sixth grader include word problems, multiplication and division of decimals, dividing fractions and figuring out square roots. Some sixth graders are also ready to tackle problems from g... More »

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A ratio is the amount of one object (or one type of object) compared to another one. In math, ratios are used to compare the values of different objects. More »

An example of a ratio word problem is: "In a bag of candy, there is a ratio of red to green candies of 3:4. If the bag contains 120 pieces of candy, how many red candies are there?" Another example of a ratio word proble... More »

Reciprocals are two numbers that have one as their product when multiplied with each other. They are most often expressed as proper or improper fractions. More »

In mathematics, renaming is a process that involves renaming large numbers by their constituents. For example, the number 335 could be renamed to 33 tens and five ones. More »