The appropriate project for a math class depends on the grade level of the pupils. However, there are basic experiments in geometry, such as using juice boxes, and statistics, such as using the birthday paradox, that can... More » Education Homework Help

Musical students can analyze Bach's music and look for mathematical patterns, while business-minded students can develop a business plan complete with budgets and sales projections. Math projects are an opportunity to co... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

One example of a middle school math project is creating a math board game where students progress by answering formulas involving multiplying fractions and decimals correctly, according to Another middl... More » Education K-12
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One idea for a ninth grade science fair project is to explore how exposure to different chemical compounds affects the germination rate of seeds. Another idea is to explore different materials and construction that reduc... More » Education Homework Help

Ideas for 8th grade level science fair projects include: discovering the effect soap has on plants, how air temperature and humidity effect soap bubbles and how much plant food is best for plants. Each project has its ow... More » Education Homework Help

Johnnie's Math Page is a collection of interactive math games for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. The website is recognized as a great site for kids by the American Library Association and features hundred... More » Education Homework Help

Khan Academy and CK-12 both offer well-designed websites with high-quality, comprehensive coverage of fifth grade math topics. Both sites are free and contain tutorials, videos and practice problems. In addition, these s... More » Education Homework Help