Math formulas are used to define relationships between a number of variables. Although math formulas can be expressed in the form of equations, not all equations are math formulas. The variables in an equation are denote... More » Math Algebra

A math extrapolate formula is an equation used to predict the value of the dependent variable from an independent variable not found within the range of data. An example of such a formula is y=2x+5, when the range of val... More » Math Calculus

The formula for a half-life is T1/2 = ln(2) / λ. In this equation, T1/2 is the half-life. The ln(2) stands for the natural logarithm of two and can be estimated as 0.693, and the λ is the decay constant. More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules
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In math, chemistry and physics, solving for indicated variables in different formulas involves having to manipulate the formula equation until it is in the desired form. An example of this is the area formula for a trian... More » Math Algebra

Some basic math formulas include finding the average, geometry formulas (e.g., the perimeter of a square, area of a triangle, volume of a cylinder), the Pythagorean Theorem and Trigonometry formulas (e.g. Sine, Cosine, T... More » Math Algebra

An expression is a group of connected numbers, operations such as addition and multiplication, and unknown variables represented by letters of the alphabet. It differs from an equation in that it does not contain an equa... More » Math Algebra

Elimination in mathematics refers to the elimination method, also called the addition method, which is used to solve basic algebraic problems by comparing two equations in order to find what their variables equal. This m... More » Math Algebra