If the cell phone is running, you can typically reset it by tapping the power button and pressing the menu option to turn it off. If the phone is frozen, removing the battery, reinserting it and then pressing the power b... More » Technology Mobile

For most LG smartphone models, perform the master reset by powering off the phone, then holding down the volume down button, home button and power button simultaneously. When the LG logo appears, releasing all keys resto... More » Technology Mobile

Initiate a master reset on an LG phone from either the phone's Setting menu or by holding down a combination of keys when the phone restarts. The precise method differs depending on the phone and the version of Android o... More » Technology Mobile
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In order to erase the Internet browsing history on a cell phone, open up the Internet browser, then open up the settings menu and locate the clear history button. Alternatively, a number of applications, such as history ... More » Technology Mobile

Navigate to the main menu of the cell phone and select the Settings and Tools option, then locate and select the Phone Settings option. Next, locate and select the Security option from the menu. Input the phone's current... More » Technology Mobile

Most cell phones that support laughing smiley face emoticons and other emoji symbols have a button on the cell phone's onscreen keyboard that displays a list of available icons to insert in a text message. Once this menu... More » Technology Mobile

To backup the contacts on a cell phone, go to the Contacts application, tap the Menu button, select Import/Export and then choose the storage location. Although there are other ways to backup contacts on a cell phone, th... More » Technology Mobile