A martial arts pressure points chart shows the vulnerable points on the body where pain can be inflicted. Martial artists frequently use the pressure points to exploit weaknesses in the body, get an edge over opponents a... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle provides free pressure point charts. The diagrams and charts show the elemental relationships between the specific meridians (body parts) and offer helpful keys to explain the diagrams and their color cod... More » Science Human Anatomy

Healing Therapist is an online site that provides a chart of acupressure points. Healing Therapist also offers tips on self-treatment using these points to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities. More » Science Human Anatomy
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To get a martial arts belt, choose a style of martial arts that offers belts, find a school in your region, and start taking classes. The amount of time it takes to progress varies based on the school and instructor. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Judo, Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo and Muay Thai are some different styles of martial arts. Many of the most popular styles of martial arts are from eastern Asia. However, there are dozens of different martial arts styles ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Many different lists of martial arts schools can be found online. It depends on the martial art, but good places to start are the sites and, which each list thousands of different dojos. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Martial arts techniques include blocks, strikes, footwork, stances, submissions, takedowns and throws. Martial arts techniques are effective self-defense methods used for protection. Blocks are used to prevent an opponen... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle