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A marketing plan template is a resource used to create a marketing plan for a business. A marketing plan template enables marketers to identify target consumers and create products that satisfy the needs of such customers. It also helps a business to distinguish itself from its competitors.


Marketing plan templates for a variety of industries are available at MPlans.com. A general marketing plan template with discussion of what to include and why is on Forbes.com.


A good product marketing plan template contains a description of the product and sales goals, product market analysis, description of the target market, and marketing strategies. The template should also feature a marketing budget of the product.


There are several good websites for finding free marketing plan templates, such as Score.org, MPlans.com and Entrepreneur.com. They provide downloadable templates that can help companies create an effective marketing strategy to help gain prospective clients.


Customize a basic marketing plan template by adding key information such as unique selling proposition, target customers, product information and product distribution. Add unique company details to essential sections such as situational analysis, marketing strategy, forecast of sales and budget expe


There are two main steps in creating an effective marketing plan template in PDF format. The first step is the creation of the template, which involves most of the work for this task. The second step is to convert the finished document into PDF format.


An entrepreneur or business owner can fill out a business plan template to make sure he includes the most essential details in his final business plan to show potential investors, says Forbes. Such details include a cover letter, executive summary, industry analysis, company overview and customer an


A collection of free business plan templates from various sources is available on BusinessNewsDaily.com. A more in-depth template that explains the importance of different parts of the business plan is available from Forbes.com.


Good business plan templates are available from GrowThink, Entrepreneur, the U.S. Small Business Administration and Score. GrowThink's business plan template includes charts, financial reports, email support and other resources to simplify the process and costs $97 as of 2015. The other three busine


Some good examples of risk-management plan templates include IQConsortium.org's Template for a Quality Risk Management Plan and the Risk Management Plan Template, which is available on the Project Management Docs website. The Quality Risk Management Plan on IQConsortium.org is a template for a Maste